24/7 Disaster Response Team
Disaster Victims Plan of Action

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Emergency and Disaster Victims Should Take Action Quickly

A fast response can mitigate further damage to your home and contents. Our emergency board-up and mitigation services can secure your property.

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  1. Ensure the safety and health of all the occupants of the structure.
  2. Contact Disaster Response Team to secure your property by boarding up exposed areas thus protecting your property and mitigating your liability. This service is covered in your insurance policy.
  3. Contact your insurance agent or insurance company.  Stay away from any dangerous areas in or around the structure.
  4. Do not attempt to use any electrical appliances in the structure until having them checked by a professional.
  5. Turn off your AC or heating system to prevent spreading soot or causing further damage to the units.  If you have to use the system you need to change the filters first.
  6. Do not eat any food or canned goods that were exposed to heat.
  7. Do not attempt to clean residue from walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets.  There are special cleaning techniques used by Disaster Response Team that will prevent further damage to your property.
  8. Take pictures of your contents and the structure to document your loss.  This can be important during the claim process.
  9. Retain all receipts related to your loss to document your expenditures for insurance purposes.


Disaster Victims Water Damage Tips

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  1. If possible, stop the source of water.
  2. Contact Disaster Response Team immediately to so we can begin the extraction and structural drying process to help avoid further damage or development of mold.
  3. Do not use any electrical appliances in any place that there is standing water .  Eliminate all electrical hazards by turning off the electrical supply to any damaged areas.
  4. Turn off ceiling fans or ceiling light fixtures if you can visually see the ceilings are wet.  Avoid potential danger if you notice sagging ceilings due to water buildup.
  5. Move valuables and keepsakes to a safe dry place in your home.
  6. Elevate curtains, bedskirts, or clothing that are touching wet surfaces.
  7. Protect your furniture by placing wood, foil, or trash bags between the legs and the floor to prevent moisture absorption that could cause staining.
  8. Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping, wet vac, or blotting with towels.
  9. Set your AC to 73% and turn on any exhaust fans to start the drying process until Disaster Response Team arrives with our commercial equipment.


Call The Disaster Response Team for a smooth recovery from a catastrophic event

Exposing the victim's property to the elements only increases repair costs and lengthens the time it takes to restore the victim's life back to normal. This is a common problem for disaster and catastrophe victims; they simply don't know what to do. Help protect the victim and their family by calling your local emergency structural stabilization professionals.

We work directly with the insurance company

We work directly with the Insurance Company to make sure all aspects of the project are addressed and you get your property protected to ensure as many of your belongings as possible can be restored. We are insurance experts and will be able to handle the confusing process on your behalf to insure that you are not caught in the middle with paperwork.

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