Southeast's Premier Disaster Response Team
24/7 Building and Home Emergency Service

Call 1-888-YOUR-911

Disaster Response Team Can Provide Many Emergency Services

Our emergency response units are there for you 24/7 and can immediately help you preserve your structure by offering
the following temporary emergency services. Call 1-888-968-7911.

Board-Up & Roof Cover • Shoring & Structural Stabilization • Temporary Fencing
Complete Building Enclosure • Temporary Power & Generators
Emergency Cleaning & Deodorization • Emergency Heat & AC
Emergency Repairs • Tree Removal • Emergency Demolition • Heavy Equipment

While The Disaster Response Team can provide you with each of the above services, our partner company can provide you with any restoration or re-construction services that will be needed after the initial emergency.
Please click here to view these restoration services.

The Disaster Response Team also helps you with any of the following problems after a disaster or catastrophe
has taken place. We will be there for you!


disaster response mobile app pictureDisaster Response Team Mobile App - Download this FREE app now whether you’re a First Responder, Fireman, Adjuster, Insurance Agent, Property Manager, or Homeowner. Our app is fully featured with the right tools to initiate and help your claims process, starting with the initial emergency call.
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emergency water extraction pictureWater Removal (extraction) - Broken pipes, toilet overflows, roof leaks, malfunctioning water heaters, storms all contribute to a water damage mess. Disaster Response Team comes to the rescue
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drying a building interior pictureStructural Drying - After a fire, water, or storm loss you may experience standing water or severe dampness in your property. Disaster Response Team removes the excess water from all the flooring and the structure drying begins
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emergency building board up pictureEmergency Board-Up - Boarding up your home can protect you from any intruders or thieves from entering your home after a fire or storm. It also removes liability from someone unknowingly entering your home and getting injured.
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emergency roof tarping pictureRoof Tarping - The Disaster Response Team offers roof tarping for damaged roofs. This service is very important because a leak in your roof could damage other parts of your home.
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emergency structural stabilization pictureStructural Stabilization - Should you be a Victim of a Disaster, our Professional Structural Stabilization Teams will Immediately Secure the Building. We Make Buildings Safer After Fire Damage or other Disasters for Returning Personnel
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emergency tree removal pictureTree Removal - Should a tree fall on your home Disaster Response Team can be onsite within an hour to assess and remove the tree from your property and we can make your home weather tight
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