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24 Hour Disaster Response Team Mobile Phone Apps

Download this FREE app now whether you’re a First Responder, Fireman, Adjuster, Insurance Agent, Property Manager, or Homeowner.

The name of our FREE App: DRT 888YOUR911 Available on ITunes Store (Apple iPhone) and Google Play (Android Market)

Welcome to the app for Disaster Response Team, LLC! We respond to property damage emergencies suffered by businesses and homeowners. Our app is fully featured with the right tools to initiate and help your claims process, starting with the initial emergency call. Tools in our app include:

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  1. Emergency Contact Button to get 24-hour emergency service fast.
  2. Quick phone contact list for General Questions, Insurance, Accounting.
  3. Use one-touch button to quickly send us property information by the use of geo-sync data.
  4. Quickly send us photos of your loss.
  5. Use Voice Recorder function for recording notes, or sending us property information, or for sending us comments about your loss.
  6. Quick education tips for disaster victims.
  7. Helps speed up critical response times after fire or water damage.
  8. Our FREE app (888YOUR911) is available on both the Android and Apple market.


Instructions for using our App DRT 888YOUR911

If You Have An IPhone

If you have an IPhone follow the link below, or go to Itunes Store (Apple Itunes)
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drt/id551616601?ls=1&mt=8 , then download the free app (if the app does not appear on the page, search for “DRT 888YOUR911”). In case you’re wondering, DRT stands for Disaster Response Team, and 888YOUR911 is our phone number.


If You Have An Android

If you have an Android phone follow the link below, or go to Play Store (Google Play)
https://play.google.com/store/search?q=DRT+888YOUR911&c=apps , then download the free app (If the app does not appear on the page, search for “DRT 888YOUR911”).

There are several ways you can use our app:

  1. Touch the Call Us button.
  2. Touch First Responder Button (if you are a fireman or other first responder).
  3. You will then be quickly and automatically routed through our phone system.


  1. Touch the Submit Property Information tab.
  2. Select the Location, Date, and Time of the loss.
  3. Touch Camera button to include photo of loss.
  4. Touch Submit button to send us the information.


If Using IPhone

  1. Touch the Voice button.
  2. Touch the plus button (upper right of screen)
  3. After recording, press Use button
  4. Press Send button (fields will auto-populate)

If Using Android

  1. Touch Voice button.
  2. Touch Menu button on phone, then press New.
  3. After recording, press Menu button on phone, then press Use.
  4. Touch on .wav file at top of screen to select file, and then send it via email.
  5. To view the instructional video on YouTube, search for DRT 888YOUR911. The name of the video is “Android App Instructions”, Or CLICK HERE




Android App Instructions